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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  December 12, 2010 12:00pm-2:00pm EST

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attention and controversy at the time. we're all told it was for supreme humanitarian purposes. ten second left. >> exactly. no doctor ever said he had three months to live. the whole thing was a sham. >> eric: 16 months later and he's still with us. liz trotta, thank you so much as always. well, that does it for us on sunday morning i'm eric shawn. >> jamie: i'm jamie colby. great to have you with us. you much more news ahead. we'll send you to washington for more of america's news headquarters today with chris wallace. live. live. check it out right now. captioned by closed captioning services, inc talking taxes. white house is optimistic it will pass tax cut extension. we ask a democrat how he plans to vote. legal challenging, a key ruling could come tomorrow on efforts to repeal the nation's new healthcare law. we'll talk to the newly elected governor of florida, one of the president's harshest healthcare critics. a new grass roots group says
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it wants to create a tea party for moderates. is there room in washington for a third party? i'm chris wallace, america's news headquarters live from the nation's capital starts now. ♪ ♪ as an end-of-year deadline fast approaches, white house advisor david axelrod is predicting president obama tax cut deal with republicans will pass congress. with a test vote in the senate for tomorrow, debate played out on the sunday talk shows. caroline shively has the latest from washington. >> reporter: david axelrod called parts of the bill odious but said it's the best compromise the white house can get through. >> these discussions came together very quickly. they were prompted by the looming deadline, we felt a sense of urgency. we brought them in, when there was, to begin that process, it
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just accelerated very quickly. and we felt that we had to seize the moment. >> reporter: the senate has a vote on this tomorrow. house members voted not to allow it to reach the house floor without scaling back the tax relief for richest americans. right now, the deal would keep taxes for all americans, including unemployment benefits for another year. many house democrats are angry that millionaires won't see the taxes go up, but republicans say it's part of what the economy needs. >> there are some in the democratic caucus that would never go along with any compromise. most people, however, just believe on this issue, the administration did get out-negotiated. >> only in washington is not raising taxes considered a tax cut. nobody is getting a tax cut here. we are not cutting taxes went're preventing tax increases from occurring. >> the estate tax may be the area we could see changes. right now estates as large as $5 million can be passed to
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heirs without being taxes. house democrats are trying to scale that back but they have a limited window. this morning, dick durbin said democrats should pass the package now while they are the majority party in both houses. chris? >> thank you for that. in opposition to president obama's tex cut compromise, democratic congressman peter welsh circulated a letter of disapproval among colleagues this week and 53 members of the house signed on. joining me from his home state of vermont is congressman welsh. the senate will almost certainly pass this tax cut compromise in the next couple of days, despite your vote in the house democratic caucus to block a vote. will this in fact go to the floor? that was a non-binding vote. will this come to the floor for a vote? >> i think it will come to the floor. what you hear from the house caucus is this. we have two major problems in this country. one is too few jobs and the other is too much debt. the question is what the package is too big in the debt and too little in the job
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creation. it's literally just a couple of weeks since the ink was dry on the bowles commission report. which said we've got clear and present danger with the debt. it's only in washington that the response to that would be trillion-dollar add-on to the debt. much of it to pay for the tax cuts that don't produce jobs and will be put on the credit card to payor it. those are the real concerns. >> i certainly understand those concerns. having said that, congressman chris van hollen who was my guest on "fox news sunday" said yes, it will come to vote on the house floor and will at least be a separate vote on trying to block the change in the estate tax, which would allow more estates not to be covered by the estate tax at all. in the end, the house democrats are not going to block the tax cut extension from taking place. do you agree with that? >> well, it's true. see in the house we voted to extent the tax cuts for middle class americans, up to
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$250,000. i really think mr. van hollen is on to something. we have to have a debate. we should have a debate so the american people can get engaged. what i'd like to see us do, since i actually have confidence in the democratic process, i want to let people in america see where we stand. it'd like to see us have separate votes on extending tax cuts for middle americans and separate vote on estate tax, $68 billion that goes to 38,000 families in a country of 300 million. separate vote to extent tax cuts at the high income. >> if i may, because we have limited time, sir, do you agree in the end house democrats are not going to block the entire deal and in that sense will not allow the middle class people to get a tax increase? >> the goal -- i'm in favor of doing what we need to do to make certain the middle class tax increase passes. we have an opportunity to take the debate so people see what the stakes are. there is another issue, the
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$120 million to borrow to raise social security raises questions at a time when social security is under pressure. short-term politics here and the president made his decision and he explained why he made the deal. a lot of us think he made it in the seventh inning when we had a chance to negotiate a better deal. senator mcconnell indicated if there was a binary approach, if he had to scuddle the middle class tax cuts, it would be a tough call for him. the back is up against the wall given the fact that the president made the arrangement and did it for reasons that we understand, the economy is fragile and he says it's the best deal he could make. but frankly i don't think it is the best deal he could make -- >> chris: let me ask you, sorry to interrupt, congressman, but we have limited time. let's look at the impact of the economy. mark zandi, one of the country's noted economists predicts that if this passes it will increase gdp growth by 1 percentage point in the next year and it will add more than 1 million additional jobs.
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you have the president outgoing but the top economic advisor larry summers saying if you don't pass it, there will be a double-dip recession. >> also, the president acknowledges $200 million in the package is not stimulative. $68 billion for estate tax and $120 billion over two years for the high-end tax cuts. the question i ask, a lot of this is business as usual, to grease the deal, which is important for the middle class, you have to go in the backroom and do bargaining and come out at an expense of $200 billion. we're seeing that process accelerate not diminish. now in the senate, what they're talking about is ethanol. and other tax breaks to potentially get the votes of some recalcitrant senators. >> chris: if i may, what about bill clinton's appearance in the white house briefing room? was he at all effective to persuade you and other house liberals this isn't a perfect deal but the best the
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president could get. it will be good for the economy, swallow hard and pass it? >> the former presidents are friendly with current presidents and we're always glad to hear from bill clinton but the bottom line, the question here, this is a serious one. what does it do down the road when we have $1 trillion on the debt? we have to pay for this. we'll have to pay back social security, $120 billion. there is $200 billion -- >> chris: i understand. i'm sorry, sir, you said that. but my question was whether bill clinton was persuasive to you? >> he didn't persuade me. he was being simp thet wick the president and when and how he made it. but the house has a separate opportunity to stay on the field and fight through the seventh inning when the last pitch is thrown. >> chris: congressman peter welsh of vermont, we have to leave it there. thank you for coming in today, sir. >> thank you. >> chris: coming up today on "fox news sunday" -- at a special time. 3:00 p.m. eastern. you can see my interviews with the incoming chairman of the house budget committee, republican congressman paul ryan and democrat chris
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van hollen who will be the top democrat on the committee in the new congress. that's at a special time of 3:00 eastern. also on the show, my excluse iver interview with supreme court -- interview with supreme court justice stephen breyer who will likely have a say in the future of healthcare when that law makes its way to the high court. first, a lower court ruling is expected tomorrow. peter doocy is standing by in the newsroom with more on that. hello, peter. >> reporter: good morning, chris can. like you said, mid-day tomorrow, monday, u.s. district court judge henry e. hudson in richmond, virginia, is expected to rule whether or not the obama administration national healthcare plan is constitutional. back on march 23, virginia's attorney general filed commonwealth of virginia sebelius, as in kathleen sebelius, the secretary of the department of human health and services. virginia's argument here is congress is exceeding the power requiring individuals citizens to buy health insurance by 2014, and forcing those who don't to pay a fine. and the government has
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defended itself saying those individual mandates are both appropriate and constitutional. in august, the obama administration asked judge hudson to throw out the case. not only did he refuse, he wrote in his opinion that making people buy health insurance, "literally forges new ground and extension commerce flaw powers beyond the current high water mark." the case is political. this morning in a "fox news sunday" exclusive, justice stephen breyer, said what he thinks of judges basically legislating from the bench. >> the way not to do it, hold your finger up to the political wind. that's not the job of the judge. the judges are not politicians. they're not junior league politicians and not senior league politicians. what i want to get across here is how difficult it is to maintain public confidence over a long period of time.
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>> reporter: two other federal judges ruled that the federal healthcare statute is constitutional. so if judge hudson rules it's not tomorrow, he would be the first to do so. chris? >> chris: thank you for that, peter doocy. the midwest is bracing for more blizzard conditions after some regions were hit with 20 inches of snow jed. the national weather service put eight states under a blizzard warning. parts of illinois, iowa, minnesota, wisconsin, north dakota, south dakota, missouri and michigan preparing for more snowfall and frigid temperatures. chief meteorologist rick reichmuth at the fox weather center with the latest on the storms. rick, this is so serious that as i understand it now, the football game tomorrow, which i know for you guys in new york is a big deal between the giants and minnesota, which was supposed to be played in minnesota because the inflatable dome there collapsed is now going to be played in detroit. this is a big deal.
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>> yeah, it is. in fact, they say at least monday and tuesday they couldn't get in the stadium. so much snow on top of it, it collapsed it. snowfall totals around minneapolis, around 17 inches. very heavy -- there you go. you get the collapse. i heard there were two spots, of course, the snow falling through. very, very heavy, you get the snow across the area. 17 inches in the minneapolis area, over 20 in some spots. this picture came to me from chris in minnesota on my facebook page and you get an idea. drifts have been seven to eight-feet high because of the wind that blew the foot, foot-and-a-half of snow around. so thank you very much, chris. but i tell you what, a rough go of it, we still do have winter weather advisories in effect. but minnesota and iowa, the blizzard warnings that we were dealing with, those expirexpire so that is good news. the problem now is cold air is frigid temperatures. 13 in rapid city. the numbers pop up in a second. you get an idea how the cold
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air settled in here ward the plains, and that will continue to dye off to the east. also in addition to the cold temperatures, it's windy. this is what it feels like. minneapolis, feel like minus 16. international falls, minus 13. the storm is still with us but it's moving east. i don't think we will deal with the impacts like we saw. rain across the coast, snow behind it and eventually it fills in to the eastern seaboard but a weaker storm and then we'll see the lake effect snow for the next couple of days. the worst of it is likely over. chris, a lot of people have to dig out now and it's below zero to do the digging out. uncomfortable. >> chris: indeed, rick. we're still only on the 12th of december. thank you so much. two explosions in sweden are now being investigated as acts of terrorism. explosions went off in stockholm yesterday, killing the apparent suicide bomber and injuring two people. swedish news organization reported receiving e-mail
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prior to the explosion. police confirm knowledge of the e-mail but they haven't made a definite connection between that message and the blast. top afghan drug lord has been a paid u.s. and government informant for years according to the "new york times." the newspaper quotes unnamed american officials saying khan gave them information about the taliban and drug traffickers. in 2010 kahn was arrested and brought to new york under a new narco terrorism law and plea deal is being negotiated but if lawyer denies that kahn ever worked for c.i.a. or supported the taliban. white house senior advisor david axelrod says richard holbrook, special envoy to pakistan and afghanistan is fighting for his life. he is listed in stable but critical condition at house. president obama says he is
12:15 pm
praying for veteran diplomat who spent 20 hours in surgery to fix torn aorta. he was meeting with secretary of state hillary clinton friday when he collapsed. the 69-year-old has been a key player if developing the obama administration's afghanistan policy. palestinian officials say they will decide in coming days whether to agree to a u.s. proposal to return to indirect peace negotiations with israel. special enjoy george mitchell is heading to the region this week. as the secretary of state changes her peace-making strategy. leland vitter has more from jerusalem. leland? >> reporter: the indirect talks would be plan "b" or "c" because they couldn't get both sides to continue the direct talks. secretary of state speech on friday is the biggest story in israel other than the big storm moving in behind us. you can see in the israeli papers it says america is back, despite making every mistake possible. america has not given up. a feeling, though, that the
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obama administration and secretary of state clinton pointing their finger at israel for the peace talks breaking down and that the obama administration is now trying to regain its title as the peace-maker, in the region. you might remember in september, the president of the united states told prime minister of israel and president of the palestinian organization he wanted to deal within one year. the talks broke down in three weeks. they failed to get a key concession they wanted. the u.s. ability to broker a deal is questioned. israeli media called the clinton speech on friday which he laid out on friday laying out a new roadmap. the kindergarten teacher speech toward the netanyahu government here in israel. she has a new road map she wants to have put out here involving what the talks would involve, chris. but the real question is, does the obama administration have enough pull over the israeli government to make it happen? >> chris: that is a good
12:17 pm
question. thank you for that. president obama says his controversial tax cut compromise will help boost the economy, but how many jobs will be created? after the break, economist mark zandi whose predictions were quoted by the white house gives us his forecast. [ sneezes ] client's here. whoa! that achy cold needs alka-seltzer plus! it rushes multiple cold fighters, plus a powerful pain reliever, wherever you need it! [ both ] ♪ oh what a relief it is! wherever you need it! can getting enough vegetables make you feel good? oh, yeah. v8 juice gives you 3 of your 5 daily servings of vegetables. v8. what's your number?
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>> chris: the federal budget deficit is adding fuel to debate over tax cut. in november, the deficit rose to over $150 billion. that's for the month of november. the treasury depart says last month's budget gap was $20 million more than the deficit of last year and they say the deficit will rise even more if congress passes president obama's tax cut compromise. now the president says that the tax deal is needed to boost the economy. and the chief economist of moody's analytics zandi sand says the package would drive down unemployment now. mark zandi joins us now. welcome. always a pleasure to talk with you. >> thank you. >> chris: let's start with your forecast, which we had on the screen. put it up there. the forecast for the economic impact over the next year if
12:22 pm
they pass this. you say it will increase gdp growth one full percentage point next year and say new jobs will jump from 1.2 million to 2.8 million. the question i have is given the fact that so many of the changes are not tax cuts and just extending the tax cuts as they are. why would it create a big boost to the economy? >> i am comparing what i expect the growth job to be next year with the tax package against what it would be without the tax package. without the tax package, we would see the tax increase in spending cuts and therefore, we'd create less jobs. a comparison with what we would have gotten otherwise. >> chris: we had paul ryan on "fox news sunday" today and like a lot of republicans he refuses to call this deal a second stimulus. is it a stimulus?
12:23 pm
>> it's a matter of nomenclature. we have tax cuts and i'm not sure what we talk about here and what edid in early 2009. in my view it's additional stimulus, yes. >> chris: one difference as you know the stimulus has become a dirty word. the argument he makes is nobody is getting a tax cut, they are keeping the tax cuts as they are, they're not getting a tax increase. >> we can debate this until the cows come home but at the end of the day, we're providing additional support to the economy. so it's stimulus. i'm not sure why it's a dirty word. it did what it was supposed to do, end recession and
12:24 pm
jumpstart economic recovery and it's now 18 months old and gaining traction. >> chris: we should point out for the viewers out there, who may not know, your comments were quoted as approvalingly, but you were economist for the mccain election so you're on both sides of the debate. how troubled are you for the talk in washington about the deficit reduction, this package would add almost $1 trillion in new debt over the next decade? >> the deficit and debt are a serious problem to address but it's important to realize we won't address it unless the economy is operating well and creating jobs and unemployment is moving lower. so a necessary condition for addre
12:25 pm
addressing the long-term problems with fiscal economy and providing additional help to the economy, that's what we are talking about here. that the recovery will gain traction. and we can address the fiscal problems which is the next thing we need to do and do it right away. >> chris: we have 45 seconds left. so i'll ask for a quick answer. the buzz in washington now is all about the major tax reform. president obama is talking about it, republicans talk about it and this is the idea from the debt commission that you could dramatically reduce some of the tax deduction from the famous one being the mortgage, home mortgage deduction. if you reduce or eliminate deduction you could lower tax rate. do you buy that and would it be good for the economy? >> yes, that would be appropriate. to address the long-term fiscal problem it's more appropriate to focus on spending restraints but we will need tax increases and
12:26 pm
the best set of tax proposals is reduce reductions and scale them back to generate tax revenue as a result to lower marginal tax rates. at the end of the day, economy is at a better place because of that. >> chris: dr. mark zandi, thank you for your analysis of this. >> thank you very much. >> chris: can't bear to stand in long lines to get the holiday shopping done? that is a rhetorical question. coming up later, fox news senior business correspondent brenda buttner will tell us how easy it is to use your smart phone to check off everything on the holiday shopping list. up next, a grassroot effort to form a so-called tea party for moderates. why ties to new york mayor michael bloomberg have many speculating he may be weighing presidential run. that and more next. [ le announcer ] you know her. we know diamonds. together we'll make her holiday. that's why only zales is the diamond store.
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>> chris: a key white house advisor says he expects president obama's tax plan to be taxed by congress. it's bottom of the hour and caroline shively is standing by with the top stories. >> reporter: hi, there, chris. white house advisor david axelrod says he expects the house to pass obama's tax deal proposal. the senate is said to vote on the plan this week. many democrats in the house remain unhappy with the deal that president obama made with republicans. the u.s. special enjoy to afghanistan and pakistan
12:31 pm
richard holbrook remains in the hospital today, following 0 hours of surgery -- 20 hours of surgery to fix a tear in his artery. president obama released a statement calling holbrook a towering figure in american foreign policy. holbrook had been meeting with secretary of state clinton friday at the state department when he collapsed. parts of the upper midwest were hard hit by mother nature this weekend, who dumped 15 to 20 inches of snow in the region ten days before the official start of winter. it closed several major highways a prompted cancellation of scheduled flights. the snow also led to postponement of the giants-vikings game until tomorrow night. the n.f.l. says it will played at ford field at detroit at 7:20 eastern. game delay will give the vikes 41-year-old quarterback brett favre extra day to rest his strained shoulder. those are the top stories. back to you. >> chris: thank you. they ran on the idea of staying away from the home of the d.c. lobbyists but now freshman republicans are reaching out to lobbies for
12:32 pm
the top staff positions. the most notable, is senator elect rob johnson who hired a lobbyist as his chief of staff. he claimed the democratic opponent senator feingold was in the pocket of the special interest. incoming congressman charlie bass and chip trebak reached out to k. street with senator elect mike lee and rand paul. arizona senator john mccain says congress would be wise to heed lessons of the recent midterm election . former presidential nominee says failure to do so would likely give rise to third party in american politics. >> unless we satisfy the message of the last election, you will see the rise of the third party in the united states of america. >> really? >> i believe that. >> because? >> because the majority of the american people believe we haven't responded to the message. >> chris: one group of key strategists might help a third
12:33 pm
party candidate get off the ground, the group called the no labels is looking to make a mark in the political middle when it launches tomorrow. mark mckenna, former member of senator mccain's presidential campaign and advisor to george w. bush, and william golstan former assistant of clinton white house are founders of no labels. welcome. >> good to be here. >> chris: mark, let me start with you. you say your group is to build a grass roots movement, kind of like the tea party. around the idea of working together to solve problems. isn't that going to be kind of difficult to get a group excited about compromise? it sounds like al gore when he talked about raging moderates. >> well, not when you step outside of washington, chris. there are millions of americans who are so hungry for a different approach. let me clarify. this is not a third party effort. this is not a stocking horse for any third party candidate out there.
12:34 pm
this is a grass root movement of people outside the beltway who are tired because they don't feel like the voices are being represented because all they see is the poison and the hyper partisanship. i don't think you will find many people who will disagree that the environment in washington is worse than it's ever been before. when you have people that demonize each other, and won't even meet with each other anymore, then it's harder to make progress and find consensus on issue. consensus doesn't mean you're not passionate about the positions, but boy, i tell you, the americans out there look at washington and see what is happening and they can't believe it. so we have 1,000 people showing up on their own dime to new york tomorrow to help us launch this effort. >> chris: let me bring in your colleague here, william golstan. i understand excitement and movement about the idea of supporting particular person or a particular cause. but necessarily, compromise means compromise. deals. can you get people excited
12:35 pm
about that? >> well, the proof will be in pudding, won't it? but as mark just said, we have more than 1,000 people coming to our launch event tomorrow in new york city from all 50 states, at their own expense. that shows level of passion and commitment that we're going to try to build on. they are going to go on to spearhead organizing in all 435 congressional districts. and they are determined to create -- >> chris: let me interrupt. organizing for whom? or what? are you going to say support candidate who is going to move to the center, who is going to be willing to make deals? >> you can't rule that out. in the first instance, they will organize to support the politics they want to see from a democrat or republican or independent. they're going to be calling out the kind of politics that they're sick and tired of. there is a lot of passion around that. don't under estimate that.
12:36 pm
>> chris: mark, you say, and quite rightly you're not a third party and not a stocking horse for a possible candidate. but the fact is a number of members of michael bloomberg, the mayor of new york's team are supporting your movement and he has been making a similar pitch as he goes around the country about the idea for accommodation. whether intentionally or not, could it lay the groundwork for michael bloomberg and an independent run for president in 2012? >> chris, he was on another network this morning and could haven't been more emphatic that he is not running. we like a lot of things he's saying about hyper partisanship and addressing the issues he's dealing with and that's why he is there tomorrow. we take him at his word that he is not running. i look forward to supporting candidates in republican party and i'm sure bill looks forward to support democrat -- maybe not in the democratic primary, not in the presidency. i'm a proud republican and bill is a proud democrat but we think we can make more
12:37 pm
progress if we listen to the people of america let them have a microphone to reward people for good behavior. right now the way the system is set up, people do good things and they get punished. >> chris: let me ask you, bill. does it mean that you are going to endorse candidates? how do you reward good behavior? >> one way that you reward good behavior is by standing up at the local level and saying this guy is doing the right thing to reach across the aisle to get the cosponsors for the legislation and work out compromises that otherwise wouldn't occur. and you create better incentives by having a local citizens monitoring group that is prepared to call out people not playing by the kind of rules to produce progress.
12:38 pm
>> chris: i have a minute left and i want to ask you one more question. if you look at the blogs, some conservatives are saying the problem with no labels is groups like this always seem to pop up after republicans have won a big victory, that this is an effort by defeated liberals -- you're certainly a democrat -- by defeated democrats to block mandate that the voters have just given to g.o.p. >> well, they can say that all they want. but i have a mountain of survey evidence that i've reviewed, that is in a folder in your green room eshowing that an overwhelming majority of the people, regardless of the party affiliation want their elected officials to get together and get to work on the country's business. it is -- we're in a serious situation. we can't afford a political system that is mired in gridlock for the next two years, that is the signal that american people are sending to representatives. >> chris: i want to thank you both so much. good luck with the no labels movement. >> thank you. >> chris: a 98-year-old woman
12:39 pm
bringing warmth and comfort to the troops. she spends at least ten hours every day knitting scarves and hats and she isn't alone in her efforts. casey stegall has more on operation gratitude. >> reporter: good to see you. if you look up the word "selfless" in the dictionary you should find a picture of a woman you're about to meet, a woman doing her part to support our troops. a home she lived with for to 50 years, she is on a mission. >> i sit here and i knit for the boys. maybe i make two scarves, three scarves a day. >> reporter: from sun up to sun down, her feeble fingers work. >> i take time-out from lunch and then i continue. take time out for supper and then i knit until 1:00 or 2:00
12:40 pm
in the morning. >> she did the same thing for troops fighting in world war ii, making scarves and hats, a touch of love with every stitch. >> i'm knitting, so help me god, i pray for them. >> reporter: this inspirationm woman is one of thousands knitting for operation gratitude, a group that sends care packages to all branchs of the military. >> last year we think we had somewhere between 20 and 30,000 scarves we sent out over the holidays. i was hoping we'd get up to 50,000. >> reporter: joan is making a dept in goal, she has done 400. and shows no sign of giving up. she sees it as her patriotic duty. >> i continue on. i won't stop because i love knitting for our service people. >> reporter: 98 years old. can you believe that? operation gratitude is a non-profit group and needs donation to pay for shipping cost of the care packages and
12:41 pm
to buy yarn for people like joan. if you would like to help operation gratitude, go to the website. chris? >> chris: what a wonderful project. casey stegall reporting from los angeles. thanks for that. well, you can bypass the malls and do your holiday shopping by cell phone. we will tell you how after the break. while some people are usingtary cells for shopping, one california high school is holding cell phones hostage for up to a year. find out why next! wi the capital one venture card
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and, go to to learn more about how you can move ward relief. celebrex. for a body in motion. >> chris: it took orchestrated burn and more than 40 bomb experts for the so-called bomb house has now been declared safe. the california house was found full of grenades and explosive powder last week. the serbian-born man renting the house is now facing eight federal charges. and is being held without bail. the since the home was declared a public nuisance they don't have to reimburse the owner of the home. the city of san francisco can hold a student's cell phone hostage for a year. but parents say in the post-columbine era, they want their kids to have cell phones. claudia cowen has the story.
12:46 pm
>> like most teenagers, the people at the benecia high school in san francisco are glued to the cell phone. but as a new zero tolerance policy, if they talk or text during class, they lose the phone for the week. >> i got my cell phone taken away. it's ridiculous. >> even longer for repeat offenders. up to the whole year. >> i did get busted. >> the first week we took 45 phones. >> principal gary jenson is fed up with the cell phone interference. >> teachers trying to present a lesson and trying to teach 30-35 kids and you have two or three that are not paying attention. that is a distraction to the educational process. >> as jenson's collection of confiscated phones grows, so does the concern that the penalty is leaving teenagers without a way to be preached by their parents or anyone else for long periods of time. the cell phone industry says that puts kids at risk. >> when you take the phone away the young person does not
12:47 pm
have an opportunity to call 911 so they can help report crimes or report something if they need to. >> studies have shown the cell phone communication routinely save lives and used to relay information from the school shooting at columbine, virginia tech and others, but some maintain confiscating phones from repeat offenders is totally appropriate. >> if the child repeatedly violates the school policy, it's an issue between the child and the school but the child and their parents. >> the statistics show more districts crack down on the texters who refuse to hang it up in class. like taylor baird already busted twice. are you going to text anymore in class? >> probably. just be more discreet. >> she could get suspended if caught again and learn a life lesson the hardware, breaking rules have consequences. in california, claudia cowen, fox news. >> chris: more fall-out from wikileaks. president obama picks up the phone to do damage control. we'll tell you why next. [ woman ] alright, so this tylenol 8 hour lasts 8 hours.
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12:51 pm
>> chris: president obama is doing more damage control after u.s. diplomatic cables criticizing turkish diplomats were released. obama called the turkish prime minister saying the comments do not reflect the view of the u.s. government. the turkish prime minister said the incident will not
12:52 pm
harm u.s.-turkish relations. most american can agree the long lines at stores this time of year are something to be avoided. now you can do the holiday shopping in the palm of your hand. fox news business correspondent brenda buttner is here to explain how. >> when santa makes the list and checks it twice, he will do it on a smart phone. because it could behe north pole isn't the best mace for the best price. this is the year for them. a quarter of all consumers say they will use the smart phone, smart shops more than last year. $2.2 billion will be ordered from the website through the cell phone this year, double last year. it doesn't mean they don't think there are glitches in the christmas elf but the mobile site in the thanksgiving holiday were just "tolerable" compared to
12:53 pm
regular retail websites. comparing prices is the main reason mobile users turn to the smart phones to shop. price grabber is a popular app. downloaded by hundreds of thousands of users. then there are location-based shopping app that offer you prizes if you let it know what store you just walked in to. many chains are taking advantage of this by delivering deals the minute you go into one of the stores. you can use the phone to buy with a debit or credit card but it means identity thieves watch the trend, too, and hope it can give them a merry christmas. chris, i forgot you are on my list and i was checking to get you but i realize not even a smart phone can get anything for the man who has absolutely everything! >> chris: yes, but i just want you to know i've been very nice this year. i haven't been naughty. >> i don't know. check the list again! >> despite the sluggish economy online holiday shopping is seeing a slight boost this year. so we want to hear from you.
12:54 pm
are you doing the most of your holiday shopping online or in stores this year? e-mail us at newshq@fox and brenda will read some of your responses in the next hour. the drug war may be centered on the mexico border but the roots run deeper. after the break, inside look at how the drug trade works. you want some fiber one honeclusters? yeah. you must really care about him. what? you gave him fiber. this tastes way too good to be fiber. they're delicious crunchy clusters with sweet honey and half a day's worth of fiber. you care about my fiber? not really. [ male announcer ] fiber one.
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experts say mexico's war on drugs may be their fight -- war to fight but it is america that is funding it. william la jeunesse gives us an inside look by tracking a kilo of cocaine and how it changes in value along the way. >> the only way mexico will regain their security, get away from such lawless behavior is to take the money out of the whole illegal drug market and it is our money, we should be ashamed of ourselves. >> reporter: mexica mexico's far but americans pay for this. >> hair wane, methamphetamine, marijuana and cocaine. each originates from on transits through mexico. the u.s. mexican boarder is but one hurdle for the cartels. one step in a long profitable journey that fuels the violence in mexico. a single kilo of cocaine.
12:59 pm
price to the farmer about $1,000 a kilo. flown to colombia it doubles in price as it is processed into powder. from there to plane, truck or submarine to mexico where the price jumps to $10,000 a kilo. now, the difficult leg. crossing over or under the u.s. border. stuffed in cars, smuggled by illegal immigrants. a kilo north of the fence triples in price to $30,000. >> get some additional narcotics, gets them transportation cells. gets them weapons. gets them information. >> reporter: distributed to street gangs in l.a. and new york where it is cut and sold to u.s. consumers by the gram, just over two pounds of pure cocaine is worth $174,000. >> we are the ones that air are roarrogantly look at mexico and tell them you should do more to solve our drug problem and that is stupid. >> reporter: their war is our war because it is the money of 21 million american drug users
1:00 pm
that pays to get drugs from central and south america past that fence. now, drug seizures on the border are up 40% over the the last five years but demand in america is not going down which is why many argue mexican blood is on our hands. in california, william la jeunesse, fox news. >> chris: it is one of the most storied traditions in college football, the army navy classic. we'll show you some of the sights and sound from philadelphia on this army navy weekend. i'm chris wallace. the second hour of america's news headquarters live from the nation's capital starts now. we begin this hour with blizzard warnings posted for eight states in the midwest. the first major winter storm of the season dumped almost two feet of know in some places. thousands of air travelers
1:01 pm
stranded in minneapolis when the airport there had to close yesterday. today's football game between the minnesota vikings and new york giants was postponed and it is a good thing because the metrodome where the vikings play saw its inflatable roof collapse overnight. the nfl had to scramble to move the game to detroit where it will be played tomorrow. chief meteorologist rick reichmuth is tracking the storm from the fox weather center. what is the latest, rick? >> i tell you what, the game was canceled because the giants couldn't get there. saled in kansas city. the minneapolis airport closed yesterday. three states with blizzard warnings that will expire the next couple of hours. a lot of snow still to be had across the plains. heading towards the appalachians as well. also snow and cold temperatures. this is the arctic air sinking down across parts of the far northern plains. dives down towards florida where by tomorrow the temps in miami only into the upper 50s. very cold air behind the storm.
1:02 pm
of course, you factor in the wind and it feels colder than that. feels like minus 15 to minus 20 right now. been that way all morning long. minus 40 this morning in international falls. here is the storm now. all rain across the eastern seaboard. snow on the backside and it will weaken and by tomorrow just lake effect snow. one other story we haven't been talking about and that is the heavy rain towards the seattle area and portland. this is called the pineapple express. the moisture from hawaii towards that area in the pacific northwest and heavy rain falling with all kinds of flood warnings and big concerns here. a big story this week along parts of the pacific northwest. those rivers will begin to crest as early as this afternoon. chris? >> chris: rick reichmuth with a very busy weather map. thank you. the senate votes tomorrow on the compromise between president obama and republicans. caroline shively has the latest
1:03 pm
from washington. >> reporter: looking strong in the senate but the house will be the test of the bill. house republicans call it a take it or leave it propositioning and house democrats still tinkering with the details. here is part of "fox news sunday." >> there will be an opportunity for the house to work its will. what the form the bill takes as it comes to the floor is something that will bedecided. people are looking at various alternatives. >> if the democrats and house scuttle this deal that will be the first thing we do is prevent the tax increases and do it retroactively after the first of the year. >> reporter: the vote is not allowed to reach the floor without scaling back the tax relief for the richest americans. right now it keeps the tax cuts going for all americans including the wealthiest for two years but extends unemployment for another year. white house senior advisor david axelrod called it a tremendous win for the middle class but acknowledged issues. >> i think we will get strong support on both sides of the aisle. i respect people who are
1:04 pm
unhappy. we share their view on the upper income tax cuts on the estate tax. that was a part of the deal that we had to accept in order to get all of the good things that come along with that, that is the nature of compromise. >> reporter: the estate tax may be the area where we see changes. house democrats are trying to scale it back. chris? >> chris: caroline shively, thanks for that. new hampshire senator judd gregg says parts of president obama's tax cut plan will add to the deficit and there are plenty of republicans who aren't satisfied with the proposal. senator gregg joins me from his home state of new hampshire. senator, overall what do you think of the tax cut deal that the president worked out with senate republicans and how do you reconcile the fact that at a time when everybody is talking about cutting the deficit this will add almost another trillion dollars to our
1:05 pm
debt? >> overall this is a compromise and when you govern you govern from compromise. that is the way you govern. you have a divided government here, not right now but you will in january and as a practical matter the american people expect action. if you were to raise taxes in this economy at this time you would stifle what is a very anemic recovery. how do you justify this in the face of the deficits we are facing? >> i don't think this is a two step dance. there is a short-term and long-term. in the short-term we have to do things to keep the economy growing because people needs job and as the economy grows that helps revenues overall as people get jobs. long-term, five, ten, fifteen years from now we have to put in place a plan to get the deficit and down. spending is an issue. if you look at what the reform commission report the, they put
1:06 pm
in place such a plan. if the congress will take that up under presidential leadership we will get the long-term type of action we need and the short-term stimulus event of not raising taxes will also be positive. >> chris: you were a member of the president's debt commission and under the bowles simpson plan the deficit would be cut by almost $4 trillion over the course of the next decade. realistically, politically, practically, how much do you think congress will pass and the president will sign in the next year? >> my view is we have to pass all of it because we don't have too many choices. we are headed into a fiscal disaster where basically the value of our currency comes under huge pressure and the ability to sell bonds purchased mostly now by foreign countries, we will go into a deep economic hole if we do not put the federal fiscal house in place, correct it over the long run. so, you know, we can do it now. we can do it later.
1:07 pm
there needs to be that oil fillet -- there used to be the oil filter add that says you can pay me now or pay me later, if we to dominic do it now unde bowles simpson plan, it was a very big downpayment on getting the deficits and debt and spending under control. do it now and it willle be much less painful than if we have to do it in the middle of a major crisis involving our ability to protect our currency and sell bonds. >> chris: the president has made this deal with senate republicans and talking about adopting some of the simpson bowles plan in his state of the union address. your gut feeling, how much of a deficit hawk do you think barack obama is going to become in the new year? >> i think the president has a great opportunity to govern here and this compromise that was reached on the tax irshoe shows that he is willing to move in that direction and shows the republican leadership is willing to move in that
1:08 pm
direction. we can do energy reform, tax reform. we can do spending restraint on the discretionary side of the ledger. all three things should be able to be done in a bipartisan way and done aggressively by this administration working with republicans in the house and senate and with democratic members of the congress also. those would be major steps forward to getting fiscal responsibility in place. the healthcare fight is going to be a different issue because there is so much invested especially by the white house in the bill that was passed which i think was a really poor bill aggravates the deficits dramatically. this are big areas where there is significant and i think fertile ground for agreement. >> chris: let me pick up on one of those. the new flavor of the month in this town, i don't have to tell you, is tax reform. and the debt commission plan that you voted for which would eliminate or reduce up to a trillion dollars in tax deductions including the home mortgage deduction and the result of reducing and eliminating all of those
1:09 pm
deductions is that you could lower the marginal tax rates dramatically so that the top rate instead of 35% would be between 23% and 28%. how likely do you think that is to really happen? >> well, you know that rules out a proposal by myself and senator widen who is a progressive and he worked for two years and reached this compromise where we did what the the bowles simpson commission proposed and they put it on steroids and eliminated all the deductions and exemptions. instead of talking about raising rates from 39 to 49 or 39 to 42, talk about rewriting the tax laws. along the ways done in '86 where you eliminate did he ductions and extensions that have gone into the code for special interests and you significantly reduce tax rates on everyone and cause people to invest for the purposes of creating economic activity and jobs rather than invest for the purposes of avoiding taxes. and you also get a fairer tax
1:10 pm
law, a simpler tax law and tax law which says come here and invest, don't go overseas if you are a united states company and invest. >> senator judd gregg of new hampshire thank you for coming in and talking with us today, sir. coming up on "fox news sunday" you can see my interview with republican congressman paul ryan and democrat chris van hollen who will be the top democrat on the house committee in the new congress. a special time today at 3:00 p.m. eastern. white house senior advisor david axel rod says richard holbrooke is fighting for his life. listed in stable but critical condition at a washington hospital. president obama says he is praying for the veteran diplomat who spent more than 20 hours in surgery to fix a torn aor that. he was meeting with secretary of state hillary clinton friday
1:11 pm
when suddenly collapsed. he has been a key player in developing the obama administration afghanistan policy. explosions went off in stock home yesterday, killing the apparent suicide bomber as well as injuring two people. a swedish news organization reported receiving an e-mail prior to the explosion that contained a message with swedish troops serving in afghanistan. police confirmed knowledge of the e-mail but haven't made a definite connection between the e-mail and the blasts. secretary of state hillary clinton expressed frustration over the mid east peace process saying neither side has taken the necessary steps. all this comes as special envoy george mitchell prepares to head to the region this week and leland is in jerusalem with the latest. leland? >> chris, the real question here is how much influence does the obama administration have over the israeli government to get confessions?
1:12 pm
this is the major daily paper in israel that says america is back despite making every possible mistake america has not given up, america tried to get big concessions, didn't happen then. tried again this week. there is a feeling that the united states is signaling out israel. the peace talks are breaking down. now, the secretary of state has come out with plan b if you will. direct talks have failed. we are now in indirect talks to try to deal with the status issues. that is one of the final borders of palestinian. what is going to happen in terms of jerusalem. the question is can they get israel to budge. the netanyahu government said they want to talk about security first. chris, i just talked to a member of the palestinian government over the weekend, had a long interview with her and we discussed this issue. does america have the ability to broker a deal here in the middle east?
1:13 pm
of course, they have been involved in every major peace initiative up until now and she said she just doesn't think that is possible and now the flips have started to look to -- now the palestinians have started to look to the united nations and the european union to see what can happen. the big question as we talked about is what kind of influence does america have and seems as though the israelis are viewing this almost as a desperate attempt by the the secretary of state to try to get something done here. >> chris: leland, thanks for that. a key federal court ruling about healthcare and whether individual mandates are constitutional is expected tomorrow in virginia. peter is standing by with more. peter? >> reporter: mid day tomorrow we are expecting federal judge henry e. hudson in richmond, virginia to rule on the constitutionality of the obama administration healthcare law. elsewhere, two other judges ruled that this law is in fact constitutional. if he rules it is not he would be the first.
1:14 pm
there is reason to think he could because back in august after the obama administration asked him to throw out the lawsuit he declined and he also wrote in his opinion at the time that forcing individual citizens to buy health insurance by 2014 and fining any one who doesn't "literally forges new ground and extends commerce clause powers beyond its current high water mark." this lawsuit commonwealth of virginia v. sebelius, sebelius the secretary of the department of health and human services was filed back on march 23 not long after the obama administration signed the healthcare law and this morning in a "fox news sunday" exclusive supreme court justice steven breyer said this about the idea of judges basically legislating from the bench -- >> the way not to do it, holded your finger up to the political winds. that is not the job of a judge. the judges are not politicians. they are not junior league politicians and not senior league politicians.
1:15 pm
and what i want to get across here is how difficult it is to maintain public confidence over a long period of time. >> reporter: and chris, this virginia lawsuit is different than the 20 state challenge to the healthcare law. arguments in that matter are expected down in pensacola, florida, on december 16, just four days from now. back to you. >> chris: thank you. sitting across from a supreme court justice i took the opportunity to ask justice breyer about an awkward moment that put the court in the spot light. justice samuel alito mouthed the words not true when president obama criticized a court decision during his last state of the union address and democrats stood and cheered. this prompted some justices to question the wisdom of attending the address. breyer told me he will be at this year's state of the union because he thinks it is important for the american people to see the justices there. >> people today, as you know, are more and more visual. i'd like them to read, but they
1:16 pm
are visual. and what they see in front of them at that state of the union is the federal government. every part. the president. the congress. the cabinet. military. and i would like them to see the judges, too, because federal judges are also part of that government. >> justice alito says he will no longer attend the state of the union. in the past years scalia and thomas have not attended. you can see all of my rare exclusive interview on sunday at a special time today at 3:00 p.m. eastern. president obama has been taking a lot of heat this week about his tax cut plan. we'll hear from the panel of political insiders, next. she felt lost... until the combination of three good probiotics in phillips' colon health defended against the bad gas, diarrhea and constipation. ...and? it helped balance her lon. oh, now that's t best part. i love your work.
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1:19 pm
john: what? beth: well, like 50 percent off brand name prescription drugs for people who are in the donut hole. john: really? i didn't know that. beth: you have to keep up. john: come on. i'll keep up. anncr: it's open enrollment. time to compare and review plans at or call 1-800-medicare.
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>> chris: we have been telling you about the collapse of the minneapolis metrodome's inflatable roof and now we can show it to you. the time lapse video just? and we are watching it along with you. look at that. the teflon roof caving in under the weight of about 17 inches of snow early this morning. the metrodome roof has failed three times before because of heavy snow. the national football league moved today's game between the
1:21 pm
minnesota vikings and new york giants in minnesota to detroit tomorrow. metrodome facility's manager says the team is optimistic the roof can be repaired in time for next monday's game against the chicago bears. president obama will host a group of corporate chief eck eastboundtives at the white house on wednesday as part of his administration effort to improve relations with big business and win support for his economic policy. among the companies expected to be in attendance of google, cisco, ibm and american express. lawmakers on capitol hill spent much of the week buzzing about president obama's tax cut extension deal. joining me with more are our political insiders, senior adam joseph sizeoadvisor to tim pawm musser and tad devine. welcome. good to have you here.
1:22 pm
house democrats really the story at this point. in a fur error over the deal. congressman chris van hollen sounded like they wanted to have a vote up or down on the estate tax portion but they are not going to let in the end any one's taxes go up. the democrats will pay and will extend the bush tax cuts. >> i don't expect they will cave but, yes, they will support the deal. i think there is too much at stake here, chris. i think people realize there is a lot of strong feelings on both sides. the president is in a difficult situation and i think he made the right choice politically for him and for the rest of the country. >> and you think the democrats will go along with it? >> yes, i do. phil, charles krauthammer wrote a report called windle of the year in which he says president obama snookered republicans into giving mih his
1:23 pm
second stimulus. is he right it. >> the tax piece is critical for what the country needs to put on a platform to get growth. anything we do to stick a knife in that is a big problem. the krauthammer article identifies the message of the election is we have to get a handle on the spending and debt and as much as this reflects a windle by the obama administration with respect to more stimulus, that is partly true but at least it reflects a measure the way that republicans would probably try and inject into the economy by returning dollars back. >> chris: republicans had a lot of leverage here. if they just let the tax cuts lapse the beginning of the new year with their control of the house they could have passed an extension of the tax cuts and gotten all the credit for if t. they gave the president unemployment compensation. $56 billion i which is not paid for. rein stated the estate tax which is zero.
1:24 pm
>> the question will be how much more goes on to the bill as it goes through the final process to get votes on the left and right. i think republicans in good faith and remember john boehner is not the speaker yet, he doesn't hold the gavel. i think everyone wanted to avoid the fundamental train wreck. changing fundamentally at the end of the year and having to go back and refight that. might be good politics but no question it as tough situation for the country. >> let's talk about this policy. if this is a second stimulus and according to mark zanby talks about adding one percentage point to gdp growth and maybe a million and a half new jobs isn't that good news for barack obama seeking reelection in 2012? >> i think this is just what the country is working for. they want the president to work with republicans to find common ground. right now the the big challenge is to take the independent
1:25 pm
voters who left us in 2010. they behaved like republicans in 201. the way to convince them is he can move the country ahead in terms of job creation and the country can do just that. >> chris: we have just a minute. we will have you back for another segment. if obama as some people thinks becomes a deficit hawk now, makes this deal, you know, froze salaries for federal workers and embraces part of the bowles simpson commission in the state of the union, what challenges does that create for republicans? do you take yes or an answer? >> depends on the definition of the details. the long and short is the the republican congress has to do what they were elected to do which is as boehner expectation the gavel they need to be serious about offering meaningful specific cuts that are going to move the ball in the direction that they got voted in for this last fall. the republicans in congress have an opportunity but no
1:26 pm
question this opens the door for the president to find common ground about key structural issues. >> we will talk about gop presidential politics and in the next segment talk with you, tad, about a possible challenge. cam newton has won the heisman trophy in a runaway though accepts under a cloud of controversy. the ncaa is investigating his father for allegely trying to coax money out of mississippi state university to play there. newton through for 28 touchdowns this year. one of the most storied traditions in college football. for the 111th time yesterday, the navy midshipmen and army carries deads battled on the gridiron in philadelphia. ricky dobbs set a lor record fr the longest touchdown pass in the history of the rivalry. a 77-yard strike to john howell
1:27 pm
and for the ninth straight year navy beat army 31-17. both teams will play in bowl games later this month. up next, a group working to make sure servicemen and women clear to come home on leave can actually get there. heather childers is standing by with that story. heather? >> reporter: we will introduce you to a family who is welcoming their loved one home thanks to that charity and we will tell you how you can help bring them home, coming up next. gecko: good news sir, i just got an email from the office
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>> chris: much of the midwest is shivering under blizzard conditions as a storm spanning eight states dumps snow. caroline shively is standing by with more on that and the other headlines. caroline? >> reporter: hi, chris. blizzard warnings and travel advisories in effect for parts of the midwest. roads closed i and a number of airports canceled flights. the minneapolis area is paralyzed with almost two feet of snow in some areas. one casualty, the inflatable roof of the metrodome where the minnesota vikings play. it collapsed from the weight of the snow. just as troops were getting ready to move out on patrol in southern afghanistan a suicide bomber detonated a bus full of explosives near the entrance to the military base. as the holidays approach, prices at the gas pump climbing towards $3 a gallon. on friday the average price across the u.s. almost $2.98
1:32 pm
according to triple-a. up 2 cents from monday and up ten cents from more than a week ago. a senior white house advisor is saying that president obama's tax cut deal with republicans will pass by year's end. david axel rod acknowledged some democrats are unhappy with the compromise but says he thinks they will ultimately vote for it. those are the top stories right now. chris, back to you. >> chris: at this time of year are a lot of people are dreaming of being home for the holidays, especially members of the armed forces. even though the military gives some lucky servicemen and women home leave it doesn't cover the cost of getting them back to their families and that is where a charity called let's bring 'em home comes in. healtheather childers with the story. >> reporter: hundreds of thousands of servicemen and women. most, especially junior or newly enlisted can't come home
1:33 pm
for the holidays, they can't afford it. the cruz family is a close knit family. normally there are three brothers, brendon cruz isn't here. he is serving in the air force in japan. brendon enlisted two years ago and if it hadn't been for a nonprofit called let's bring emhome he wouldn't be coming home for christmas. >> it would cost more than two months of his salary for the round trip ticket and might even close to three months salary. >> reporter: over the last ten years, let's bring 'em home has helped almost 1800 servicemen and women get home for the holidays and these are just some of the families that were reunited. they focus only on the four lowest ranks because they make the least in pay and they are less eligible for what is
1:34 pm
called space aid travel that allows troops to jump on available military transports. >> these are the the people that are defending our country, these are the people that do the work that most of us don't want to do. they are not getting paid enough and all they want to do is see their family. some of these people haven't seen their family in two, three, four years. some of these people have children that they haven't seen growing up. >> they still need lots of donations to get more troops home this season. so, if you would like to help out by donating cash or frequent flyer miles or to find out if your serviceman or woman is eligible for help from these guys go to their website at www. onceagain, >> chris: thankyou. formeralaskagovernorsarahpalini formeralaskagovernorsarahpaline
1:35 pm
rishedcountryinthewakeofa widespr formeralaskagovernorsarahpalinr ead cholera outbreak. earlier this week, riots broke out after preliminary results from november's presidential election which eliminated a popular candidate from a runoff in favor of the government-backed candidate when those results were released. palin abouts trip to haiti will certainly be seen as an effort to boost her foreign credentials but palin isn't the only political players testing the waters ahead of a potential presidential run. we are back with republican strategist brad musser and tad devine. you are a top advisor to tim pawlenty, very possible candidate. let's start with the other possible republican candidate sarah palin. talk about a trip to europe sometime next year. does she just take all of the air out of the room out of the
1:36 pm
conversation nel until she decs whether she is running? >> a huge factor and sarah palin has been smart about how she has been using her time the the last couple of months a duality of approaches. reality tv in terms of her own show. obviously contributing here. she is also doing things to burnish her credentials with the intellectual community and sometimes kinds of pushes back. op eds in the "wall street ing abouttalk aboutsing about the ryan reform. trying to burnish her credentials in an area where she was criticized as having weakness. she is a major factor and it as great question. >> chris: let me ask you about mitt romney who i think it is fair to say to the degree that there is, is the unofficial frontrunner in the gop race. with congressional republicans making such a big deal about obama's healthcare reform and saying this is going to be the big fight over the next two years, how much of a burden is
1:37 pm
a fact that romney established a some what similar healthcare plan in massachusetts? >> i think the individual mandate and to the degree that is on the table with the supreme court decision is coming up on healthcare. the tone and tenor and how they seek to repeal obama care in the first part of the next administration makes it the central messaging question for governor romney if he chooses to run. great depth with respect to infrastructure and network from his previous run. >> chris: i have to interrupt you because i want to give you time to talk about your guy. why don't you say it flat out, tim pawlenty is going to run for president. >> i hope he does. he is a leader with ability to win independents and connect. a track record largely unknown even in the republican party and when folks start to understand who he is and what he has done he will be an enormously popular candidate should he decide to run. >> tad, from the other side of the political aisle, how do you
1:38 pm
handicap the republican field? >> i think pawlenty would be a tough candidate and strong. he demonstrated support from independent voters. romney has standing on economic issues. i think he would be serious and for formidable. >> i think healthcare will be an issue but i don't think it is a stopper and will affect him from appealing to him and talking his way out of it. the economy is a bigger issue right now and romney has potential. >> chris: and sarah palin? >> i think sarah palin is someone who still has to establish her credibility with voters and i think she has a long way to go before voters independent voters, swing voters see her as a credible candidate for president. >> chris: with 30 seconds left, chances from a liberal challenge from the left of barack obama in the 2012 democratic primary? >> i don't think there is a strong chance there will be a liberalle challenger.
1:39 pm
you need so much money to run for president now. different than it was 20-30 years ago. second, barack obama still has strong support within the democratic party. his numbers with democrats are outstanding. third, i don't see a figure like a ted kennedy who can rise up and take on an incumbent party. >> people like pat buchanan, i mean it isn't always someone who is going win, they just want to make a statement and they can make some trouble. >> now, pat buchanan will need $50 million to run a campaign. >> i heard one of the guys that covers politics, james continuedale reported -- >> they can only hope, okay 86 don't think it is going to happen. >> chris: we'll leave it there and have you guys back. thank you both. >> thank you. monday could be a turning point in the effort to stop the new healthcare law from taking effect. we will hear from the governor elect of florida rick scott on why he is leading the repeal
1:40 pm
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chris two political developments to tell you about now. first, republican national committee chairman michael steele is expected to announce tomorrow whether he will run again. politico is reporting top republicans say key supporters expect him to drop out of the hotly contested race.
1:44 pm
steele critics say he is gaffe prone and hasn't raised enough money. >> evan bayh says he won't run for his old job as governor of that state. he doesn't want to disrupt the lives of his twin sons. a federal judge is expected to rule monday in a key lawsuit brought against president obama's new healthcare law. judge henry hudson will rule whether the federal government can constitutionally require citizens to purchase health insurance, a so-called individual mandate. two other federal judges already ruled it constitutional. on thursday, a judge in florida will hear oral arguments in another lawsuit filed jointly by 20 states in florida. rick scott is the new governor elect of that state and an advocate for repeal of the obama healthcare law. and he joins me now from orlando. governor elect scott, you are already beginning to lay out your aagai agenda before you te
1:45 pm
office. one of your big issues is ending obama care. how important is that ruling tomorrow in federal court in virginia to your efforts to roll back obama healthcare reform? well, clearly every case is important and hopefully the right thing will happen tomorrow but we have got to repeal this law. whether we do it through the court systems or through the federal government we have to repeal it. it is horrible for patients. it will ruin healthcare in this country. icountry. it is the biggest job killer ever in this country and we can't afford it in any of our state budgets including florida. it is just way too much money. >> chris: let me talk to you about another issue that i know it important on your agenda and that is immigration. and you are saying that you support the concept of a new law allowing people during a lawful detention or arrest to ask people for i.d. to check on immigration status. is this basically the arizona
1:46 pm
immigration law? >> here is what we have to do. the federal government has to do their job. they have to do two things. first they have to secure our borders and come up with an immigration law that really makes sense. finally, if our state like other states if you are stopped for doing something wrong and you give your i.d. they should be able to ask you if you are in the country legally or not. we can't have any racial profiling in our state and no state wants that but if you are stopped for doing something illegal you should be able to ask if you are legal or not. >> chris: and just for those of us who aren't that familiar with your plan, is it basically the same as the arizona immigration law? >> well, there is a lot of the parts of the immigration law. we are focused on what i believe in here is simply if you are stopped for doing something illegal you should be able to be asked just like you are asked for your i.d. whether you are legal or not. >> chris: let's turn to education because you are also going to make a big push in that area and you very much
1:47 pm
support the idea of a voucher program. explain this to me because as i understand this you are saying in effect the state funds would go to a savings account for each individual child rather than just go to the public schools. >> our education system has to be for the benefit of our children. every decision has to be what is good for a kid. we need to measure the teachers. great teachers ought to get paid better. the teachers most effective in teaching our students. on top of that, you as a parent know better what your child needs more than anybody else. you should be able to send the child to the school that you want them to go to, a public school, charter school, private school. >> chris: what happens to public schools if the money is going to the child rather than the school don't you run the risk everybody will end up going to private schools or other special kinds of schools and the public schools are --
1:48 pm
>> absolutely not. our public schools would just simply get better. in anything else, competition makes people better. if parents have a right to choose the schools that want to continue to thrive will get better. they will have the best teachers. they will make sure their teachers get paid the best. public schools will thrive with this. way better for the pub i lick schools and teachers and way better for the students. >> governor, thanks so much and good luck to you, sir,, in the new year. >> thank you very much. have a great christmas. >> chris: thank you, same to you. despite the sluggish economy, online holiday shopping is seeing a boost this year. we want to hear from you. are you doing most of your holiday shopping online or in the stores thissier? we have been asking you to e-mail us at newshq at fox new, .com. brenda buttner will read somek
1:49 pm
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>> chris: here are some of the top stories we are following this hour on america's news headquarters. under the weight of an intense snowfall the minneapolis metrodome home of the minnesota vikings collapsed. the vikings game against the new york giants was postponed
1:53 pm
until tomorrow. the nfl says it will now be played in detroit. white house senior advisor david axel rod says richard holbrooke is fighting for his life. he is in stable but critical condition at a washington, d.c. hospital. holbrooke was meeting with secretary of state hillary clinton friday at the state department when collapsed. and the latest narnia film is beating angelina jolie and johnny depp at the box office. took in $8.2 million friday. "the tourist" in second place with $6.2 million. rounding out the top five is the disney film "tangle" followed by the latest harry potter film and "unstoppable" was in fifth place this week. those of your top stories right now. we have been asking you, are you shopping online or in stores this holiday season and fox news senior business
1:54 pm
correspondent brenda buttner is here with some of your responses. hey, brenda. >> reporter: a lot of you love to shop in your pjs. that it clear from the e-mail we got. denise of las vegas has no doubt that going online is better than standing in line. online shopping with lots of free shipping. ship direct to gift recipients with or without gift wrap, also convenient. then there is pat from philly who doesn't want to give up the mall entirely. she says i do a lot of online shopping which is great but i make sure to make a trip or two to stores to get decorations and get into the christmas spirit. >> cindy of indiana says it is all about comfort and convenience. this year i have done 99% of my shopping online. did i it in the comfort of my home in my sweats late at night. amazon .com and best buy is
1:55 pm
where i purchased gifts. we appreciate you taking a few minutes from the shopping but still listening. >> chris: what if you are not smart enough to use a smart phone, brenda? and i say that as somebody who -- as me. >> i'm one of those dummies, too, and i have one. my 15-year-old helps me out. >> chris: there is the answer. >> exactly. >> chris: thanks, brenda. the royal engagement photos of prince william and kate middleton have just been released. we'll show them to you, next. ♪ going to the chapel and we're going get married ♪ [ j. weissman ] it was 1975.
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celebrex. for a body in motion. >> chris: in anticipation of what will no doubt be thing of the year, prince william and kate middleton released their official engagement photos. the prince and his bride to be chose photographer mario testino who worked closely with william's mother principle issues diana to take the photos. the royal couple announced they will get married at london's westminster abbey on april 29th. a texas family might have the secret to longevity. the develop new way valuable informations have a toe -- the


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